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Matt standing in front of a promotional sign


I'm Matt. I am a designer based out of South Carolina. I have created a variety of different projects including Logos, Websites, Posters, and more, which can all be found in my Portfolio.

I started creating content in 2016. This journey started with a YouTube channel. I have wanted to create videos since I was younger. I really enjoy creating content, but it wasn't until I found the Digital Art & Design program at my school that I knew I wanted to be a Graphic Designer.

I took the first program in the spring of my 9th grade year. I fell in love with design immediately. I loved how creative I could be and how I could express myself through design.


1st Place in Graphic Design FBLA

South Carolina House of Rep. • April 2022

Excellence in Graphic Design

Nation Ford High School • January 2022

Design of FMSD Finacial Report

Fort Mill School District • January 2022

Marketing Fundamentals, I & II Certification

Precision Exams • December 2022

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